Mr. Mark - Excel for Amazon Dropshipping

What are these lists?


These are lists of Amazon products with corresponding links at suppliers. Each list is unique with totally different products. Only a small and limited number of people will be able to buy each list. The reason is to keep the competition low on these products. Each product will include Amazon ASIN, Brand, Supplier Name, Supplier Link, Variations, and #Units (for multi-pack).


Why get these lists?


It takes a lot of time to find product matches that are potentially profitable on Amazon. But it’s not because they don’t exist, it’s because there are just so many of them to look at. Also, there are so many categories/brands that sellers cannot sell on Amazon without getting special approval. This means you have to look even harder to find products to sell. Sourcing software is helpful for finding matches from suppliers but usually costs $80 - $100 per month or more. Also, it still takes time to sort through the matches (some products they find don’t match or have approval).


How does Mr. Mark create these lists?


Well, I have been doing Amazon product-research for over a year. With this experience plus my knowledge of Computer Programming (I taught Computer Science for 15 years) I have developed very exact methods of finding profitable products. I teach manual methods for this but I use more complex approaches to find large numbers of profitable products. Overall, I use several forms of software, Excel data analysis with formulas, manual operations and considerable time to find large numbers of products on Amazon and suppliers. Then in the final selection process I manually check products on Amazon and supplier to make sure they are matched, profitable, shippable, and in stock at the supplier. 


Are the products profitable and in stock?


The products will be analyzed for profit and stock at the supplier immediately before I release them. Of course there is always some chance that a product price/stock can change after the list is released. However, in my experience, supplier prices generally do not change often.  It is important to note that ROI depends on both Amazon sellers and suppliers and thus possibly changes over time. This is why the best way to use these lists is to put them to use right away.  Actually, this is part of the dropshipping sphere, always needing to find profitable products to add to your store. And this is why having access to these products  lists will be so helpful in saving you some search time.


How long are the lists?


The product lists will be short at 10 products max. Why? Because I want you to have time to go through the products while they are “fresh” - meaning I don’t want you to take a month to go through a list and then products are out of stock. So, I’m keeping the lists short so you can act fast with these products. This is not a “get products now, use them weeks later” solution. This is a fast pace solution to getting profitable products today and putting them to use immediately.


How often will you put out a new list?


I will try to release lists as often as I can to give more people a chance to get them. But my first priority is quality over quantity. I want to give you good profitable products that you can really put to use in your Amazon store. So, I will release lists when I know they're good and profitable. But it also depends on demand, how fast people are getting the lists. If they are going fast then I will work harder to get more lists for you.


Why doesn’t Mr. Mark just keep these products for himself?


Well honestly, I am not planning to do much dropshipping this year and will instead do more FBA with retail-arbitrage/wholesale.  This will be my main business model on Amazon in 2021. I love dropshipping but there are some reasons and changes in my daily life for this year why I prefer FBA. I will still do some small amount of dropshipping to stay in practice. But now I will find you profitable products to dropship to give you the help I never had.

How much do these lists cost?

The lists prices may vary depending on the length of the lists and the average profit potential of the products. But they will be a low-cost for the number of products and potential profit. But legally, I cannot guarantee anyone that they will make sales/profit on any products so I don't charge a lot. However, I am spending significant software costs and time to generate these lists so I must charge for them. Also, I have free tutorials/tools on product research and other processes for Amazon dropshipping on my YouTube channel Excel for Amazon Dropshipping. Use my videos to help develop your own product research skills but use my lists to get a head start. See the button up top for any available lists.