Amazon Product Research
for Dropshipping and Online Arbitrage

In this training I will teach you the method I use to find suppliers, brands, and then products to sell on Amazon. This is ideal for those who run a dropshipping or retail/online arbitrage business. If you have been stuck in finding products to sell then watch this training and get a fresh look at your research process.

Why I started this method and training?

Many major YouTubers do not teach actual product research methods or they teach methods that aren't suitable for someone who needs to do this on a limited budget. I also felt bad to hear sellers say that it was impossible to find products and that they had given up on Amazon entirely. I also had witnessed first-hand the problem with finding profitable products so I worked diligently and even stopped selling just so I could concentrate on my research methods.

What I discovered was that the problem was not really with Amazon it was that there were just too many suppliers, brands, and products to go through manually. So I streamlined the process by trying to eliminate time-wasters. For example, why waste time on brands that have no approval, or don't have many products on Amazon, or mostly sold by It was really these time-wasters that were preventing me from getting straight to the products I needed. So I developed a method and free/low-cost tools to help and now I want to share them with you.