Channels and Projects

I work on several projects and have YouTube channels dedicated to sharing resources and digital products that serve to help people with both business and personal management.

My Channels

This is a list of YouTube channels which are related to my various projects.

Mr. Mark Teach

This is my original YouTube channel which consists of a variety of content including tutorials, reviews, and digital resources that serve various purposes such as budgeting and financial management, Google Trends Analysis, and various other topics.

Excel for Sellers

This is actually a network of YouTube channels consisting of tutorials and resources focused on Excel, Google Sheets, and various software for those in the e-commerce sphere. I create original tools and share them on these channels.

Excel for Stocks

This is my newest channel where I will be creating and sharing Google sheets that help to analyze and manage trading stocks. This is an exciting prospect as I use data analysis to unlock patterns in price variation that may help in trading decisions.

Mr. Mark's Music

This channel is dedicated to tutorials and providing resources for those who want to learn more about playing music with a focus on piano-based instruction and music sheets.