Ideas and Approaches for Amazon Dropshipping in 2021


  • Use Obscure Suppliers → Lower competition, better ROI, customer won’t recognize


  • Manual Inventory/Repricing → many obscure suppliers won’t work with software so you will have to manage stock/price manually. Use an Excel system such as the one I distribute.Actually, going manual is great if you’re in the early stages and don’t have the budget for too many software expenses.

  • Consider Selling in Used Condition → might help to avoid Amazon documentation requests or at least gives you a good excuse not to have documentation; however typically lowers profit but if ROI is already high enough then you can lower the ROI and still make a good profit


Dropshipping is an Order Fulfillment Method


Dropshipping is often thought of as a business model since there are many sellers who do only or mostly dropshipping for their ecommerce business. However, dropshipping in of itself is actually an order fulfillment method; a way of filling an order and getting it to a customer. So you can actually use dropshipping to fill some orders without actually being a “dropshipper”. 


I started selling on Amazon as a dropshipper doing only dropshipping. But then I started to try some regular FBM and also FBA. Now I do mostly FBA and regular FBM. Dropshipping is no longer my primary business model but I do dropship certain products sometimes. 


When you realize that dropshipping is actually just a method of filling an order it changes your perspective. You realize that you should not think just as a “dropshipper” but rather as a seller. You’re in the business of selling products, not just dropshipping. 


My point is that you don’t have to just be a dropshipper on Amazon. You can do FBA and FBM (direct to customers) as well. And if you’re not a dropshipper you can still in some cases dropship a product to save on shipping expenses, or to fill an order when your inventory is damaged or for some other reason. Dropshipping can be used by any seller and does not have to be limited to actual dropshippers. And at the same time dropshippers don't have to be limited to dropshipping only.