Amazon Brands with Suppliers List

This is a list of brands that I found at the three of the most popular suppliers used for Amazon Dropshipping: Walmart, Home Depot, and Overstock. After finding these brands I have checked them against multiple restricted-brands lists and used software that evaluates brand-risk. I then only add brands that are reported as "low" or "very low" risk to this list. However, still be diligent as always in checking for brand-restrictions. Brand risk in inherent to selling on Amazon and cannot be totally avoided. But if you makes you feel better I have been selling on Amazon for over a year and haven't had any issues with brands complaints after doing thousands of dollars in sales. Overall, always use caution as you sell on Amazon.


Disclaimer: I made this list to help new sellers get started with the process of manually finding products to sell. However, there is no guarantee that you will find profitable products or get sales from any of these brands. Also know that on Amazon there is inherent risk to selling any brand. But as a general guideline it is safer to sell larger brands rather than smaller ones. Larger brands are far less likely to complain or come after small sellers on Amazon. Smaller brands on the other hand may be actively looking for sellers of their brand on Amazon. Even when Amazon gives approval to sell a brand there is still the chance of getting a "cease and desist" ordering you to stop selling a brand. It helps to check brands against multiple restricted- brands list to lower the possibility of selling such a brand.