Trending Products for Summer July 2019

This a list of product categories that are trending in July 2019. I'm updating this list regularly to aid in deciding what to sell in my online store. After looking at these general categories I then try to find more specific items within these categories. I also consider the popularity of certain variations like color, style, size, etc. Check back regularly as I'll be adding more items to the list as I do product research on a daily basis. Click the blue links labeled "Google Trends" in order to see the search interest for each category. By default it displays results in the U.S. for the past 12 months but you can easily select another country or worldwide. I also suggest examining the past couple years to see the annual pattern. For instance, if the graph spikes every July then it may be a good idea to sell this product in July. You can do this by selecting the date range and selecting custom time range. Hope this helps!

Note: You can highlight, copy and paste the data from this sheet into other programs or access the google sheet shared below.