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A Real User's Perspective

Earlier this year I was working as a high-school teacher and my coworker had a website he was using to manage a club he was in charge of.  When students used the site to sign in for club meetings a record would be automatically created and stored. Well it turns out he had used Wix to build the site and so I decided to build a Wix site of my own. In this article I will explain three primary methods of creating a Wix site and the pros and cons of each based on my personal experience.

Creating Your Wix Site (3 options)

Option 1: Wix ADI Creates the Site and You Edit It


Wix ADI automatically builds a site based on your answers to questions about your business, hobby, or other venture. As part of this process you will pick the website type, theme, and design. Once the site is created you can easily add, remove, or edit text and images. You can also connect your social media links to social media icons already provided by Wix - just copy and paste accordingly. Unwanted page sections can be easily removed and added back when needed. The Wix interface shows you exactly how your webpage looks as these changes are made. I highly recommend this option if you want to build a site without having to manually rearrange the different sections of your pages. Wix also provides tons of free images that you can add to your webpages.

Option 2: Start with a Wix Template

Wix has tons of beautiful templates to choose from. However, there are certain sections or parts of sections that you might not want or need to use. Therefore, I find building a site from these templates to be challenging. There are text boxes, images, frames and other items on the template that simply don't apply to your particular business. When you delete these items from your template the page does not self-adjust. This is why I prefer the Wix ADI editor which allows you to add and remove sections and automatically adjusts the page. The difference is that when you create a site with Wix ADI it has already been somewhat tailored to your particular business based on the information you provided. A template on the other hand is generic and meant to suit the broad spectrum of people who might use it.

Option 3: Start from Scratch (Blank Template)

The third option is to create your site from scratch which can of course be a pain in the neck but does have its advantages. For one, it gives you total control over the design allowing you to create a totally unique website from start to finish. However, I would not recommend this approach if you’re pressed for time and want to build a functional site quickly. A site with a simple layout and few pages can be built from scratch relatively easily but is quite time-consuming. I actually created all of my website pages from scratch including the one you are reading now. However, I have a lot of experience teaching computer applications which came in very handy. Also, I wanted my site to have a simple layout so I actually needed to create it this way.

My Reccomended Method


As you might have guessed I recommend using Wix ADI for the fastest and easiest approach to building a Wix site. It allows you to easily edit, add or remove pages to your site yet provides the option of building pages from scratch with the Wix editor.

See my video below: A 2-minute demo and preview of Wix ADI.














Build an Email List and Send Automated Emails

See my example linked below

With Wix it’s easy to add a subscriber form which allows visitors to submit their email address and other information. Once a user submits their email address you will receive an email reporting that you have a new subscriber. Wix stores your subscriber list which can be easily viewed and edited within your Wix account or exported to Excel. This feature is available immediately with your

free Wix site. (See the subscriber form at the bottom of this page)


However, for more advanced features such as automatically emailing subscribers you will have to get on a paid plan. For instance, my site has request forms where visitors enter their email in order to receive a link or document. Wix then automatically sends them the email. I’m on a plan that allows up to 50,000 such emails a month. I use this feature to provide free resources to visitors in exchange for their email subscription. This is not hard to set up but requires using triggered emails and automations. You will need to upgrade to an Ascend plan in order to incorporate these particular features.


Click here to see my own example 

(opens in a separate window so come back to finish reading...)

When visitors enter their email on that page they get instant access to an online resource I created and its fully automated. I've already gotten a number of subscribers this way.

How Much Does it Cost?


You can sign up for a free website with Wix using only an email address. However, a strip will be displayed across the top of your site advertising Wix (This is how you “pay”). Also, a free site does not allow you to have your own domain such as


If you don’t mind the advertisement strip and the domain thing then keep your free Wix account. It’s FREE FOREVER. But to get rid of the ever-present banner and use your own domain you will have to sign up for a premium plan.


So, I know what you’re thinking HOW MUCH IS IT? Well, for one, I paid under $10 for my domain I then had to choose a plan - there are different plans which provide different capabilities. You will be charged for the year based on a monthly rate. You can also do two years and receive a discounted monthly rate. The rates vary but I know the cheapest plan is under $20 a month. Please note that the paid plan will apply to only one site at a time but can be transferred. However, you can have both paid and free sites under your account. For instance, my mrmarkteach site is on a paid plan but I’m also starting a music site that is still on "FREE MODE". Of course if you want only one paid site (or all free sites) then this is of no concern. My suggestion is to sign up for a free Wix site, see if you like it and then check the plan rates. They will be displayed for you within the account and they may even offer you a discount on the rate. I actually received a good discount when I upgraded to a premium plan. Below is an example of Wix premium plan upgrades. As you can see they offer discounts on plans which change periodically.










Wix is perhaps the most popular website builder across the world for "everyday people". From my experience this is due to the fact that it has so many features and is truly user-friendly. It offers tools I haven’t explored such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Wix Code for those with coding capability. Overall, I suggest starting by signing up for a free Wix site - there’s really nothing to lose - no credit card information is required. If your site is for professional use then I would then suggest upgrading. Honestly, it doesn’t look professional having a free-site banner across the top of your page and a wix-site domain. However, if you’re just using the site for a hobby then I think a free site is fine. I started out with a free site but when I decided to make this a more serious venture I upgraded to a premium plan. Since doing so I feel more serious about my site and must say that it is a great pleasure to be working with Wix.



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